Episode 2.1 – The Pineapple


Episode 2.1: The Pineapple is now available where ever you listen to podcasts, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. First time listening? You can start with Series 1, Episode 1 or you are welcome to start right from Series 2, Episode 1. It’s up to you. Subscribe to stay up to date as the mystery unfolds. After listening to Series 2, Episode 1, listeners are encouraged to explore companion materials below.

As explained in the episode, this audio project was inspired by a mysterious pineapple that I discovered drawn on the hidden side of the index card that was fastened to a box I inherited from a missing acquaintance. The pineapple is a very common motif. In fact, there are countless images to be found on Pinterest that in some way resemble the pineapple alluded to in Episode 2.1. Click below to scroll through some of the pineapples people have collected.


One of the music artists featured in this episode is Tory Miller, specifically from his collaborative project Fo(u)r Hands, but Tory is fairly prolific, releasing both solo work and collaborations with other very talented musicians. Check him out at ToryMillerMusic.com


Check back to this site for more companion materials to the podcast as each episode is released. Future posts will include links and images to support your efforts to help me solve the mystery.

Thanks to my sister Thalia, Police Chief Ronald Talkens, Reggie Rogerstone, and Donhack Furniture for making this episode possible. In addition to Tory Miller, thanks to Rudy Sims, Prom Queen, and Ben Von Wildenhaus for providing the music.

Thanks also Laura Scafati and Matt Gold for the support.

Let’s talk in two weeks.


John Herman

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