Episode 2.4 -Reynolds and Johnson


Episode 2.4: Reynolds and Johnson is now available where ever you listen to podcasts, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. First time listening? You can start with Series 1, Episode 1. Subscribe to stay up to date as the mystery unfolds. After listening to Series 2, Episode 4, listeners are encouraged to explore companion materials below.

This episode references Samuel Johnson, the poet, satirist, critic, and lexicographer  born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, on September 18, 1709. Detail of the painting referred to in the episode can be seen above. The full painting is below.


And here is a list of the original members of the Club:

  • Dr Samuel Johnson
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds
  • Mr Edmund Burke
  • Dr Christopher Nugent
  • Mr Topham Beauclerk
  • Mr Bennet Langton
  • Dr Oliver Goldsmith
  • Mr Anthony Chamier
  • Sir John Hawkins

If you’ve listened to the episode, then you know that I am especially interested in the second name on that list. Is it our Reynolds? I don’t know, but there is certainly something going on here. Here is a link to a student project on the Club that is very informative. It includes a waxwork relief of the Club’s original members as well as the exact locations of their meetings over the years. And here is a nearly hour long video that cycles through 434 paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Thanks to my sister Thalia, Police Chief Roger Talkens of the Barton Police Department, and Professor Clyde Northworth for making this episode possible. Thanks also to Ross Boyd, Prom Queen, and Ben Von Wildenhaus for providing the music. Thanks also Shawn Crapo, Laura Scafati, Paul Bellfeuie, and Jon Briggs for the support.

Josh Strickens, if you are out there listening, then please consider contacting me. I have some questions.


John Herman

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