Who is Alistair Glamis?


In 1996, Alistair Glamis of Barton, New Hampshire, was reported missing by his father. The community newsletter, The Barton Weekly, followed the story for several months and then never mentioned the disappearance again.

Approximately 20 years later, John Herman, a former classmate of Alistair, now host of The Disappearance Podcast, received a certified letter in the mail notifying him of Alistair’s declared death. The certified letter also notified him of a mysterious cardboard box being treated as an inheritance. It is the box and the unsolved mystery surrounding Alistair’s disappearance that inspired the production of The Disappearance Podcast.

The Disappearance Podcast is a serial mystery releasing new podcast episodes bi-weekly. The show takes a one month break between each series of six episodes. Listen now on iTunes or Google Play and Stitcher. Listeners are also encouraged to explore the latest news and companion materials right on this website and connect with the show on Facebook.

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